Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy, happy Monday everyone! Anyone else have off today? It's so nice to be home with my man on a Monday after two full days of relaxation with him before.  Ahh, 2012 is going to be a good year.  

I have lots and lots to share from my week at home and my few days back here and most are gifts (lucky me!). 

Going home is always great because I get to see my Moo Moo.  Seriously, how cute is that nose!?

My cute little family :)

My boyfriend and I decided to do one big gift Christmas morning and save the rest for New Years morning when we got back to our own place.  When I woke up Christmas morning, I was so happy to get an IPad from him! Can't you tell from my Instagram pictures I can now do! I love any excuse to take more pictures.  Anyway, right outside the window of the room we were staying in at my father's house, we saw this Christmas morning...

I'm pretty sure Santa forgot something! Seriously this buck was so big and beautiful and it was so unreal staring at it so close to us.  It was such a nice Christmas surprise. 

Now for the good part - the gifts!

Here are some selects of my gifts. This was seriously the best Christmas EVER! Hope it was for everyone else too :)

1. My man got me way too many things, one of which are my new lovely Hunter boots. I am one for loving rain and loving rain boots and my old pair leaked water (ironic, no?), so now I have a beautiful pair that will definitely not leak.  

2. He also got me this amazingly soft hoodie from Anthropologie.  It is sooooo cozy and the hood is like one big teddy bear. I am seriously obsessed with it.  Love the color and the comfort!

3. My father got me and my boyfriend the cutest gift.  I opened mine first, which was the frog, because of how much time I spent at the frog pond at my home in New Jersey growing up and especially during school with some of my photo projects (Remember my book?

250 Million

).  My boyfriend opened his and it was a frog playing guitar (I met my boyfriend because my father set him up as my guitar teacher since he knew his father).  How cute is that? I can't even believe he was able to find a frog playing guitar!

4. My sister got met his awesome sweatshirt with a panda and a camera that says, "Oh Snap." It's the perfect shirt for my pinboard

Cute Camera, Cute Animal

, don't you think? It's by

Steppie Clothing

. I haven't had a chance to check out the site yet, but I am sure it's outrageously adorable!

5. I already mentioned this, but my lovely man who spoils me got me an IPad! Wahooo wahoo.

6. He also got me the point and shoot I've been trying to save for (not too successfully) for months since my old one broke.  I've just started playing with it, but I LOVE it. I'll write much more about it for Fabulous Photo Friday. My first pictures from it were of course of Tessa, though. 

(yes this one is fish eye)

7. My handsome honey got me this beautiful necklace.  He did so good! I've been wanting a big, funky necklace for awhile now, and this one is PERFECT!

8. My sister got me the

Sharon Montrose

book, which I didn't know existed, but I am quite excited to sit down for an afternoon and look at. 

9.  She also got me this adorable elephant ring holder from

Urban Outfitters

Couldn't be happier this holiday season! And that was only some of my gifts. My man seriously spoiled me :)

Enjoy your Monday (hopefully off of work)!