Milford Sound in New Zealand

The countdown officially begins...

6 Days Till Christmas! 

I am so excited for Christmas this year for so many reasons, but mostly because I get to spend it with my new little family for the first time (me, my man, the pup, and the pig - and of course the rest of the family)!

The presents keep piling up under the tree, but pretty soon we'll be packing them up and making the drive (yet again) to New Jersey. 

Let the Christmas festivities continue..

I did a new painting (well, three paintings) and I can't decide if I should sell them on Etsy or not since it was just a fun little thing, but you let me know what you think! Here are some oh, soo pretty fish. 

I thought they weren't looking too festive, so I had to get some Christmas in there somehow. I actually love the way the neon colors pop on Christmas decor. Don't you?!

I had to get some pictures of the tree and all the gifts (and Tess and her adorable pjs) before it was time to pack everything up. I still can't believe Christmas is this coming weekend!

I also did one more vellum layered drawing - a simple Christmas tree - three different layers. 

Hope everyone else is counting down too!

Happy Monday and good luck getting through the week.  I know I'll most definitely be needing inspiration to get me through this one ;)