Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy, happy Monday! I am so very happy to be back to the normal schedule of things I am used to.  I've been pretty nonstop, but it's been great.  Before I get to my new Etsy listing, I have some cute Puggle moments to share with you! Love that dog :)

How cute is it when dogs not only sunbathe, but they play in and out of the blinds? I love it.  Seriously gets me every time.  Look at my little angel. 

Tessa really hates when I am working in the office and especially when both of us are working in the office, but it never occurred to get a bed for her in there.  There have been so many times when I am doing computer work with a little Puggle passed out on my lap, which is quite challenging when she uses your arm has her pillow. Good thing my man is always thinking -- picked up a bed for her this weekend and I think she's quite happy now when we work. What do you think? 

Usually she'd be hanging off the very tip of the couch just to get a peek of us in the office.  

Remember last week I was saying my next painting was slightly inspired by Yago Hortal and the Baltimore Aquarium, well, here it is. 

I Believe in a Shark's Smile

If you love the shark's smile as much as I do, give him some loving


Shall we give him a name? Suggestions always welcomed :)

Hope everyone has a fun and productive Monday! Try and stay warm -- this cold certainly isn't sitting right with me!