Milford Sound in New Zealand

It's only Monday and I am already ready for some mid-week inspiration.  Anyone else? It's been a crazy few days and trying to balance everything is getting to be quite a challenge.  But so it is, another Monday, and some wonderful things to share.  Hope everyone had a great weekend. 

My boyfriend and I actually decorated for Christmas this weekend while drinking a bottle of local wine and it was wonderful.  I know, I know, it's EARLY to decorate, but in all honesty, we are away every weekend until December 10th, and well that's too late.  How's that for an excuse to decorate??

Check out some of the decorations.  The apartment seriously feels so warm and fuzzy.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas time :)

We also attempted to start taking pictures for our Christmas card (it's so exciting doing all this with someone at your own place), but we didn't have any keepers yet.  There were a few I liked, though.  Making your own photo booth on the weekends is such a fun thing to do! Seriously, you all should do it at least once a month.  Yep, that's right.  

Last, but certainly not least on this mad Monday, I bring to you something completely unrelated to Christmas (since it is not even Thanksgiving yet) -- a painting. 

The newest painting at my




"I Show My Love By Taking Pictures"


If you love me, please show me 



Hope everyone has a great Monday! I'm looking forward to a night to relax with my man, eat some homemade stir fry, and just enjoy each other's company before he leaves for a conference for the rest of the week.  Hope you all have great plans this week. 

Happy Monday!