Milford Sound in New Zealand

Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Mine was exhausting, especially now with a cold, BUT I had and have lots and lots to be thankful for :) 

Fabulous Photo Friday is not so fabulous today (on my half).  I can't wait to get back in my schedule of things after the holidays (even though I love the holidays) because there is just too much to do these days! Anyway, I had some great formal imagery of leaves to post, but unfortunately they got deleted in the chaos recently.  I decided for this Friday to do some overexposed self-portraits with the idea of doing multiple exposures with them.  I've discovered that it seems lighter backgrounds work the best with multiple exposures.  Of course, though, since I actually tried on these, they are not cool at all! Not even close to what I had in mind.  Oh well! Better luck next time, right? 

My sister helped me yet again with some inspiration by helping me choose the photographer of the week this week - Pauline Otylie Surys.  Her images are beautiful with lots and lots of experimenting in the dark room.  I love, love, love them.  Romantic and beautiful - my favorite. 

Pauline Otylie Surys

I figured since I fell in love with her images, maybe my over exposed self portraits would be fun to digitally mess with like she does in the darkroom.  Man -- it's hard to make images look like hers.  Boo hoo.  Another disappointment this week!

That's all I have for today! Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend and is enjoying some family time.  Happy belated Turkey Day, Happy Friday and Happy, Happy Weekend!!