Tuesday = major productivity

Starting off with some daily inspiration (as always).  All above images brought to you by pinterest.  Any followers know what photographer took the bottom left image? I must know. Love. Love. Love. 

Art Journal from yesterday and today:

Okay so some film got developed yesterday from a few shoots over the weeks.  One is from the set up scenes I did, one from our running trail (which I have loved very much since the first time we went) and some self portraits (oh boy).  The set up scenes were with my beloved 4x5 Wista and the others with a ultra cheap toy camera (35mm) that allows you to do as many exposures as you want at one time (most of these are two or three).  We'll start with those.

Okay - now the 4x5's.  Not exactly the scenes I had anticipated, but sort of what I was going for.  Oh gummy bears, I will always love you.  

So on my agenda for today was do some watercolors (I haven't done any in years since me and my siblings used to do them at my grandmother's house).  I didn't really have anything in mind - just messing around.  So I got four done today.  Nothing like lighthearted water colors.  More tomorrow.

Okay a few last things -- my love bugs

And last thing: