To The Girl Who Has Everything

To The Girl Who Has Everything, 

I used to think I knew you.  Maybe once I did.  But truth be told, I never ACTUALLY did.  I just only thought I did. Because now I am older and wiser (and that is NOT to say I am wise) and I can easily see how naively my old way of thinking was.  Isn't that always how it goes?

So this is letter is to you, the girl who has everything, with a sincere apology for thinking YOU didn't have anything to do with everything you have, for thinking that everything fell easily on your lap, and well, mostly, for judging you without knowing you. 

Yes, you DO look like you have everything.  And yes it looks completely effortless (and perhaps you may want it to appear that way).

The perfectly bouncy large curled long hair - not quite blonde, not quite brown

The ripped jeans that fall just right on those long legs and somehow look put together even though THEY ARE RIPPED ALL OVER THE PLACE.

The clean house that's decorated impeccably. 

The perfectly dressed children

The list goes on, of course, but I'll refrain. The point is, my dear, shouldn't we be celebrating the effort and not the ability to mask such effort? And believe me, I get the whole Netflix and Chill vibe going on right now and how appearing effortless is and can be appealing.  But isn't it so much more appealing to let people know how hard you work to maintain that lifestyle.  How tired you are at the end of the day.   Because it appears to me, at this moment in my own life, that when you hit your pillow at the end of the day absolutely exhausted, it means it was a day that was LIVED.  So, girl who has everything, thank you for actually LIVING each day hard and teaching me that it's okay to try.  Everything doesn't have to come easily and in fact you SHOULD try at what you want in life. 


Just A Girl