Spring Love

Spring, as always, has felt fleeting, though it still remains.  Those ever pretty cherry blossoms bloom so suddenly, and even more sudden, they disappear. With lots of rain, lots of very chilly days, and now days in the 90s, it never felt like we had that TRUE welcome to spring - you know those days where the sun is just starting to warm up your skin and you dream of those even warmer days.  Where you can walk out in a t-shirt and JUST be warm enough, that is until the sun hides behind a cloud.  

Don't get me wrong, the warmth feels good.  And sweating - hey, I currently don't mind it now that I'm not super pregnant.  It's just amazing what the sunshine can do for ones soul.  I am welcoming with open arms walks outdoors, swinging my baby in her swing, iced coffee, fresh fruit, and blooming flowers everywhere I look.  Spring is good.  Life is good.  Summer is just around the corner.