A Girl And Her Studies (67)

This is the FIRST piece I've finished in probably six or seven months.  And it feels awesome. And also awful.  And not awesomely awful.  

Selling a house, moving into temporary housing, moving to a new state, moving into more temporary house and then into our home all while being pregnant and having a baby has taking its toll on my creativity.  And not in terms of the urge to create being there, but more in terms of time.  

I'm hoping that things get easier and not harder with time.  But so far balancing baby and work is hard.  And although I didn't have expectations, I think it's harder than I expected.  Isn't it funny how those expectations somehow still creep in? 

But the main point of this all is - I finished a piece! And I have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby that I can't get enough of.  Now, if only I could lose that baby weight!