Just A Girl Holding Flowers (13)

I am a planner in every sense.  But time and time again, life has proven to me that the second you have a solid, concrete plan, well, it falls apart because of circumstances outside of your control.  And I am beginning to realize that's okay.  Because sometimes things you never thought would happen do happen and sometimes things you know are certain never actually happen.  Yes that can be great and yes that can be terrible, but hey, at least it keeps things interesting.  And here I am, still a planner regardless - it's in my blood.  Things I was so certain would go together absolutely don't.  But the beauty? The unexpected things I never imagined going together and they absolutely do, like two perfect, beautiful puzzle pieces.

Here's to perfect matches.  Just like a girl holding flowers.  Happy Monday all! And don't forget the SUMMERSALE20 ends tonight in my shop!