Momentary Bliss (7)

I've very much been in a creative rut - in part due to life's circumstances (you know how it goes) and in part because that's what naturally happens with creativity.  I'm not exactly sure how I've gotten out of these ruts in the past (I suppose inspiration just strikes), but this time around, I've learned the power in cleaning and organizing.  When I take a few steps away from my work and focus on a particular project (whether it be cleaning the storage closet or cleaning my studio space), I come back to my work feeling fully invigorated.

As if moving my entire studio space wasn't enough, I've decided to tackle most of the rest of my house on top of it.  Cleaning every closet.  Rearranging rooms, furniture, de-cluttering.  Doing MAJOR spring cleaning just a few months too late.   But guess what?  It's worked.  And I'm feeling motivated, inspired, and excited.  I have a few more things to finish up before it's back to studio time.  And I can't wait.