I've always felt so much more comfortable and confident with photography (it is what I studied) than with painting, but recently I feel like painting has taken a new turn for me.  It's such a new medium to me that I think often feel burdened with fear of doing it wrong or making a piece that I didn't like.  When it comes to my camera, I know how to work every tiny button, ring, scroll, etc., but with my paint brushes -- eh, it's different.  I am FINALLY beginning to realize the beauty in that, though.  In experimenting, in practicing, in learning new techniques, and in falling madly in love with color.  The fear is gone and now it's just excitement.  And well, these pants.  Because I have been LIVING in these pants.  My beloved painting pants that I don't think are going to survive much longer. 

And guess what? I've made MANY paintings that I don't like in the end and that's okay.  Plus, there's something kind of invigorating about painting over an old "screwed up" painting and starting fresh.  I am a sucker for new beginnings - always have been, always will be.