52 Week Project: Week 50

Sometimes a photo calls for grain.  It's the only way to pay homage to the film in which it should have been shot with.  If there were ever a space that deserved that nostalgic feel, it would be this one - a dark, yet inviting reading nook that holds pages and pages of vintage reading.  Our new space somehow feels ancient, though we know it is far from it.  In my mind,  it holds treasured memories of all the past people who have lived here, laying in that exact spot, locking eyes on that ever dull ceiling, drifting off to another world. 

Oh fantasy, you usually kick reality's butt.  Because in reality, this was just a closet.  And I'm not sure a single person laid there and I'm not sure a single memory was made there.  But one can dream, hence why such a space exists.