52 Week Project: Week 40

It was only days ago that we noticed the vibrant wild flowers in the backyard. I can't seem to remember them last fall.  They were simple, and beautifully colored yellow, and now...they are already dulled to the point where you can look past them without even noticing a hue of yellow.

Since when is fall so fleeting? Winter most definitely isn't. And spring..oh spring.  You get the many, many days where you are just starting to feel the warmth, sun gleaming down on your face.  It takes awhile to fully commit, but you can't complain - they very subtle change in temperature is enough to hold you over.  But fall.   A few good days and then you notice the trees are starting to become bare (did the leaves even change colors yet?), the air is crisp and chilled, and it's most definitely time to retire your beloved ballet flats.  Boots, even though I love you, it's too soon.  Fall, come back to me.  I barely even saw you.