Gallery of my Dreams (9)

 1. Tentacle Girl by 


 on Society 6

2. Octopus by 

Clare Corfield Carr

 on Society 6

3. No. 3 Sea Coral by 

Kelly Bermudez

 on Etsy

4. Octopus by

Jemma Salume

on Society 6

5. Avalon Coral by 

Monika Strigel

 on Society 6 

6. Tea Party by 

Caroline Soderquist

 via Society 6

7. Tentacle Stripe by

Doodle and Hood

via Society 6 

8. Marina by

Bella and Bunny

on Etsy 

9. Octopus Tentacle Arm by 

Deep Coloured Water

 on Etsy 

Wall Hooks via

High Street Market

I just finally finished the laundry room, and instead of shelving above the washer and dryer, I opted for a gallery wall.  And I really love how it turned out.  So I thought I'd give another one a go because why not adorn a laundry room wall with art?

xo, Laura