Photographer of the Week: Heidi Lender

It's a new year and that means new things are coming - and yes, Photographer of the Week is back.  I realized how much photography is a part of my life (duh) and how much I get inspired by other photographers (duh), so I thought there really is no better way to start the week than with some lovely images. 

Am I right?

So this week I'm majorly inspired by 

Heidi Lender

.  You may remember her from my blog a


time ago (you can find it


), but I first introduced her work because of images like these:

I love, love, love this series that she did and I'm starting of the 2014 with her because the above images stemmed my new 52 Week Project (you will see tomorrow!). 

But these images are older, and well, her new images...I love, love, love them too.  Check them out!

How awesome are they? 

And make sure you read more about her (


) because she really is super interesting!

Oh Happy Monday and Happy New Year!

xo, Laura

And yes, I'm refraining from pouring out all of my goals and resolutions of the New Year. I figured I should go simple - enjoy more.