Wedding: Stress Less?

I certainly hope I don't turn into




on our wedding day...

But I know there is always a chance.  Now that it's crunch time, I'm starting to really stress about all the little details and all that's left to do.  I just hope on the big day that I say I do, that I am able to relax and enjoy every minute of the entire day. 

Married ladies, am I crazy to hope for such a thing?? 

Lucky for me, I'm not the only

perfectionistic over-achiever


being the center of attention girl

in the world, SO I have found lots of resources!

Here are

14 tips

to relieve wedding day stress! 

Of those tips, I definitely need to work on:

1. Ask others for help

2. See the big picture (I OBSESS over details)

3. Have a back-up plan. What? But a back-up plan isn't



And of course TLC has some advice


These 5 tips are more about the preparation for the big day - that I need to start de-stressing now (YIKES!) in order to reap the benefits by the time the big day comes!

Okay. Time to de-stress, but still get my butt in gear. How's that for an oxymoron! 

Happy Wednesday (I think)!

xo, Laura