Photographer of the Week: Loretta Lux

Loretta Lux

is this week's Photographer of the Week!

I first discovered Lux's work when I was shopping at the

gift shop

at Tate Modern in London a few years ago [best gift shop ever].

I was completely smitten by this postcard featuring her work:

I love buying postcards at museum shops - such a cheap way to get lovely printed images. Anyway, I was thinking about her work this week because I realized that her work was the first portrait work that I was attracted to.

Before this postcard, I really could care less about portrait photography. 

And these days, I am totally digging portraits, 

so a special thanks to you Loretta Lux. 

I couldn't really pinpoint what it was about that postcard that drew me in, but I specifically remember coming home and doing a Lux inspired photo shoot for art school (my first real shoot with people). 

I tried a muted out/somewhat creepy themed adult-like child photo shoot. Doesn't that make a whole lot of sense?!

I completely failed. 

And after researching a bit, I found out one reason why. 

Lux's portraits are surreal - she uses a combination of photography, painting, and digital manipulation, often messing around with scale. Check out some of the children's heads - don't like look a bit off?

I absolutely love her work, and am completely drawn in every time I look at it. She is often compared to famous early photographers like

Julia Margaret Cameron


Lewis Carroll

but I cannot help think of the famous image of twins by

Diane Arbus

when I look at Lux's photographs (of the twins, of course!). 

Oh Photography Love!

Happy Friday!

xo, Laura