Photographer of the Week: Charles Grogg

I was picking out some new books in Barnes and Noble this week, 

and walked past this lovely magazine,

which immediately caught my attention. 

And inside, I was completely smitten by this image by Charles Grogg. 

I really could not get over the three dimensionality of the image. 

It really felt like if I put my hand to the paper, I'd feel the thread and the needle..

which of course did not happen. 

Oh well, I fell in love. 

A bit more contemporary than the photographers I typically feature, I really love two of his series.

The first being

After Ascension and Descent

, where the image above is from. 

These photographic images are printed on handmade Japanese paper 

and often contain sutures or some other three dimensional product. 

The rest of these are from the other series I'm digging called



These are AMAZING

Oh, happy, happy Friday!

xo, Laura