My Work: Announcement

First off...

How beautiful are Aviva's photographs from

The Mixed Project


She does these photographs much like how I did my

Blurred Reality


-- a "double exposure" look alike in Photoshop. 

They are absolutely gorgeous.  

And I was so inspired by that first image, 

I of course had to give it a try myself. 

This also stems from

Photographer of the Week

last week and her self-portrait project.

I am so tempted to try a self-portrait a day. 

Which brings me to my next thing - my big announcement. 

Have you noticed I've been a little MIA? 

Well, first, I'm sorry. 

Second, it's because I am finally diving in to something that has been the works for a long time coming. 

I love, love, love doing my artwork, but it has strayed far from photography this past year, 

which is shocking considering that IS what I went to school for. 

So I am bring everything together, under a new name, with all of my art, all of my photography, and now photography portrait sessions (which is something I never offered before). 

I couldn't be more excited, but patience as this all comes together. 

The posts may be lacking.


Promise ;)

Oh, and Happy Friday!

xo, Laura