Photographer of the Week: Jeff Friesen

I can't believe it is already Friday. 

And I couldn't be happier about that. 

Tomorrow were off to the amusement park. 

Yep, cannot remember the last time I was on a roller coaster. 

But...more importantly...the

photographer of the week


Jeff Friesen

I stumbled on his photography via the oh so lovely


, and well, I of course love all things miniature (particularly photography) and I love animals, so what's not to love about Friesen's work? 

Milford Sound in New Zealand

I particularly love his more fine art work - the stuff not on Etsy, like the above series "Last Migration."



Friesen captures the imagination of a young audience with his toy photography, while appealing to the sensibilities and pulling the heartstrings of adults who recall playing with such toys and who now have grave concerns over the future of many of the animals’ real-life counterparts.


Check out the

Last Migration



After exploring his site some more, I fell in love again. 

Literally obsessing over this series


Hope you enjoy! 

Most definitely check out his site - some amazing photographs. 

Enjoy your weekend :)

... Laura ...