Look 3 Festival: David Doubilet

Yesterday kicked off the start of the

Look 3

festival here in Charlottesville. 

And guess who I got to go see talk last night?

Yep -

David Doubilet

I swear. 

It was heaven. 

I cannot believe my luck that one of my favorite photographers of all times was literally right down the street from me and I got to spend the night listening to him discuss his photographs. 

There's something truly special about a moment with an artist when something they say resonates so deeply within you. 

For me, that happened last night when Doubilet discussed what the water is like for him. 

He talked about how from the moment his head is underwater, the rest of the world disappears.

And that is so true - everything else quickly fades away. 

It really is an amazing thing. 

I miss diving. And Hawaii. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the talk last night (most of them hanging largely around downtown Charlottesville right now)

And I kept saying that I thought this was one of my manta rays (yes MY manta rays - ha) and sure enough, it was.  He said he had taken the photograph in Kona (where I worked) and I totally recognize the spot pattern on the belly (how you id manta rays), but I cannot recall which one.  

I emailed my old supervisor, though, and I am determined to find out! 

I'll keep you posted ;)

Ahh what a perfect night it was. 

To find out more about Doubilet and last night, check out this


Hope everyone is well!

... Laura ...