Milford Sound in New Zealand

Well, the man is off flying to Florida, and here I am left with the Puggle! 

Oh well, Happy Humpday!

I figured since I've been pretty obsessed with color recently, that maybe, just maybe, I should stick to some things that aren't so colorful (boo hoo).  My thoughts of course went to animals (wahoo)!

Here's a bit of a white out this Wednesday :)













That monkey (#2) literally makes my heart hurt from being so cute!

Now, since I obviously love color and this white out is a challenge for me, I am introducing an artist that introduces..well..a hint of color.  That's okay, right? 

Here's the work of

Amy Borrell

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Tessa and I will try to entertain ourselves for the next few day ;)

Milford Sound in New Zealand