Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Friday!

We are taking a unexpected last minute trip to New Jersey this weekend, so I have scheduled some posts for while I am away, but I have a







to share with you today!

I've sure you've seen some of the

Photographer of the Week's

photos floating around recently because they are absolutely stunning and popping up all over. 

Featuring: Cecilia Paredes

Totally obsessing over these gorgeous images.  To see some more check out





After my pictures I did with nature against the vintage wall paper print outs, I kept thinking about somehow blending nature in with the background and when I saw Paredes' work, I knew I had to try it. 

I of course wanted to use turquoise as my main color, so I printed out some fabulous turquoise vintage wallpapers and well, got a bit carried away with spray painting some of nature. 

So..I bring you...

Turquoise Nature


Hope everyone enjoys the day and this weekend!

I am in desperate need for this weekend ;)

Time for some piggy cuddles!

Milford Sound in New Zealand