Milford Sound in New Zealand

I've been completely smitten with bathing suits this season.

For years now, I've been very into the more conservative looking bathing suit, but cuteness doesn't tend to go hand in hand with it, so I am quite in love with these new retro style suits. 

I tend to buy a bunch of cheaper suits and mix and match all summer long, but maybe, just maybe, I should splurge this summer and get one or two of these adorable suits. 

Summer, can you come sooner?

You already know I am loving high waisted things and heart pockets - how amazing is this

bathing suit


Totally gushing over this



And this


is gorgeous in navy. 


this one

too (plus it has a firming quality - that's what I'm talking about)!

Boy oh boy am I missing the beach!

Happy Daydreaming :) 

Milford Sound in New Zealand