Milford Sound in New Zealand

I was really looking forward to a beach day tomorrow, but the weather has postponed it. 

Oh well. At least it's still Friday. 

And what a fabulous Friday it is.

I am so excited about the

Photographer of the Week

this week. 

Considering I have been focusing on form, this photographer is the PERFECT pick. 


Marcus Reugels

Can you guess what you're looking at? Yup, water drops. 

But don't they seriously look like some of the fantastic jellyfish I posted earlier in the week? 

Obsessing over this series. Brilliant. 

For this form fitted Friday, I decided to share some of my older pictures of manta rays I took during my internship in Hawaii.  Being there was my first chance to see a manta ray and I couldn't get over 1) how giant they are (seriously 18 ft wing tip to wing tip) and 2) how graceful they are.  

They really are like ballerinas in the ocean, so I figured I had to share some of my pictures since they are all about form.  

Hope you enjoy :)

Off to do some photo shoots and painting - certainly sounds like a good Friday to me. 

Enjoy the day ;)

Milford Sound in New Zealand