Milford Sound in New Zealand

I can't believe spring is finally here. 

I can't complain, though, because this winter was so mild. 

I can still be happy it's finally spring! Happy Spring!

This week is all about form.  

And to start it off...

Here are some quotes about form from different artists that I quite like:

Form is sometimes considered a mere spice added by the artist to the representation of objects in order to make it pleasurable.


Rudolf Arnheim


Art strives for form, and hopes for beauty.


George Bellows


The artist is a man who finds that the form or shape of things externally corresponds, in some strange way, to the movements of his mental and emotional life.


Graham Collier


Form is a revelation of essence.


Meister Johann Eckhart


True art takes note not merely of form but also of what lies behind.


Mahatma Gandhi


If a form isn't right, if it's erased, the correction has meaning. It's the process of the mind, moving and making. The form didn't drop from outer space.


Elliott Green


I love the notion of that last quote that each erasure has meaning. 

When I was thinking of an inspiration board to create based around form, I of course thought of some of the brilliantly shaped jellyfish I have come across over the years. 














Don't you just love jellyfish (maybe from afar)? 

And for the artist of today, even though she most definitely doesn't focus on jellyfish, form definitely takes shape (no pun intended) in her work.  And I have fallen hard for her particular form. 


Emma Leonard

Man, I really love her work!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday. 

Looks like we'll be getting a storm (love spring storms!). 

Milford Sound in New Zealand