Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy Friday!

My absolutely favorite - interacting with animals - continues for this

Fabulous Photo Friday

So how about a

photo of the day

Milford Sound in New Zealand

I have been gushing over

Dara Scully's

work. GORGEOUS! 

And that brings me to the

photographer of the week

.  I had never heard of photographer

Robin Schwartz 

 until the

Look 3 Festival

posted their list of artists for this year's festival.

Needless to say, I fell in love. 

I would have loved to interact with some amazing animals and done some self-portraits for this fabulous photo friday, but I have no wild animals. Boo hoo. So instead, I set up some fake scenarios (which was much more difficult than I anticipated). 

My initial plan was to insert myself in some of the scenes I was creating (like me walking the polar bear above), but that didn't go as planned.  I do like some of the scenes without me, though. 

So since none of these really are me interacting with animals, how about some old pictures of an octopus on my face to make you giggle :)

Happy Friday!

Milford Sound in New Zealand