Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Friday!

I am feeling quite good knowing the weekend is here and

Valentine's Day

is right around the corner.  I have lots of fun little things planned (stay tuned on Monday) for the joyous little holiday.  What a

Fabulous Photo Friday

it is. Wouldn't you say? 

I am still obsessing over masks this week, so I thought the image on the right that I've seen floating around blogs recently would be a perfect match for some

Diptych Love


I am particularly loving the diptych this week. 



Since I still have those masks laying around the apartment (I have the need to get use out of everything!), I just had to play around with them this week for some photo shoots. 

The cute pup had me cracking up (completely uninterested in masks, as you can see).


Photographer of the Week

of course has a thing for incorporating masks into his photographs. 


Marco Bizarro

I LOVE the bunny mask picture and how the man's hand looks so dainty holding up that mask.  

I'm so drawn to that image. Love, love, loving me some masks this week. 

Happy Weekend :)