Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Friday is fabulous. Happy, happy weekend! I'm hoping for a bit of warmth to come through this weekend, but if not we have a newly bought scrabble board and puzzle to keep us entertained. Some tea and staying indoors sounds just fine. 

I guess the cool theme plays into this weather quite well this week. 

Here's some

diptych love:




This photo on the left is actually the reason behind the cool palette this week.  As I already mentioned - I am really one for a warm palette, but I fell IN LOVE with this image and I thought I had to try to make a cool palette work for me.  You know -- leave my comfort zone.  

Well, I tried, and I struggled, and I spent lots of time wiping pastels off my face and out of my hair, and the verdict is, I think I can handle some cool toned nature pictures, but not any pictures of me. 

Oh well :) 

There is something really nice and unexpected about the nature pictures though, isn't there? It feels quite refreshing to me (probably just the fact that I NEVER take cool toned nature pictures and I've taken A LOT of nature pictures).  I literally set the color temperature on my camera to as low as it could go.

For the

Photographer of the Week

, I decided to pick someone who sticks with a clean, cooler palette -- fashion photographer

Tim Walker

He truly does use a beautiful color palette in each and everyone of his photographs.  Check out more of his work


Hopefully everyone is off to a good start on this Friday.

Let's hope for warm, fun, and relaxing weekend. 

I think I can manage it :)

Milford Sound in New Zealand