Milford Sound in New Zealand

I cannot believe how fast the week has gone by.  

There is still so much I want to do before I actually start making products even though I already did so much!

I'm not sure this exhilaration is going to die down anytime soon, so ignore me if you must ;)

Happy, Happy Friday!

Bringing you some

diptych love




I was messing around in my head with what to take pictures of for







this week and I resorted to my comfort zone - nature photography.  I took out one of my lenses that I've barely messed with since I bought it, and fell madly in love with it.  F 1.2, I love you. Nature photography - ehh, I'm quite sick of you.  

Something quite interesting happened as I started taking pictures of the normal twigs, leaves, berries, etc., I always collect - they started turning into animals! Yes, I bet you think I am crazy, but don't you just love when your imagination takes over? After shooting, I went through my huge archive of animal pictures I've taken over the years, and well..see for yourself.  I was quite amazed by some of the coincidences. 

See what I mean now?

After such a fun time with this, I figured I had the perfect


artist to choose for the P

hotographer of the Week

(I mean she does still play with toys and that's totally awesome!).

Elizabeth Soule

Don't you just love her work? 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Off to some more organizing (my favorite).

Happy Friday!