Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Friday! 

I am a bit behind on work, so I am super excited the weekend is finally (almost) here. 

So many ideas, so little time. 

Oh well, I'm not complaining!

About two years ago at my first photography show outside of school, I had a few pieces in that had some drawings on top of the photographs. It's something I just did on the fly and actually quite liked the way it looked (as did the curator).  They were quite simple line designs on a pretty ordinary nature picture, but it never really occurred to me to do some more "busy" illustrations until I stumbled upon the photographer of this week:

Johan Thornqvist

He is a Swedish based artist who draws these adorable illustrations on top quite banal photographs of every day life.  They are fantastic, aren't they? What is even more great is the artist claims he is quite happy with his job in advertising and he just does this work for himself - not to make money.  

Here's one of his advertisements:

How come I haven't seen one of these advertisements in the United States? Hmm.. Sweden seems like a fun place to live :)

Anyway, I started me own experimenting after being exposed to Thornqvist's work, so stay tuned in later today! I'm off to work for a few hours. 

Happy Friday and enjoy your morning!