Milford Sound in New Zealand

Oh Happy Friday!!

Anyone else as excited as I am? 

I have so many fun things to share!


I sold my first painting through the gallery and it was for a Christmas present for a Primate Researcher! How cool is that? I was so, so thrilled to receive the email.  It was my Yes, I can Swim (Japanese Macaque) painting. 


I did my first Pilates class last night. I am totally a chicken when it comes to silly stuff like that (remember the be more outgoing New Years Resolution?), but my boyfriend got me a ten class membership, so I was sort of forced to go, which was great. I was so nervous going in (everyone looking all intimidating), but I am so happy I went. It was great! My arms and legs are still tired from it, but I can't wait to go back next week. 


In celebration of the New Year (yay for 2012!), I am starting a new portion of

Fabulous Photo Friday


Photo of the Day


Photo of the Day

is brought to you by the newest issue of

National Geographic

.  I've seen a bunch of Jason deCaires Taylor's work before, but this one particularly is striking. Don't you think? I love the coral sprouting out of him as it does. It's amazing. 


As I mentioned earlier, my wonderful baby got me the point and shoot I wanted for Christmas, and so far I have been blown away by it.  Some of the things I love about the Canon Powershot Elph 300:

~It has a toy camera mode

~It has a slow motion mode

~It has a fish-eye mode

~It has a miniature mode (which I am particularly obsessing over)

I don't know - it looks like I am fully a Canon girl these days. Check out some of my favorites miniatures this week:

Also check out this slow motion movie straight from the camera.  Be patient - I swear, it's worth it :)

Nothing like man and pup bonding!

Because I have been so obsessed with miniature looking real life scenes, I figured the

photographer of the week

should correlate and since I've been desperately missing summer with the last two days of bitter weather, I figured who better than:

Mossimo Vitali

I actually had the chance to see him talk last year at the Look3 Photography Festival and he was one of my favorite photographers I saw speak that week.  He was quite funny, genuine, and stood behind is work in that it was what he does and he is not going to change (though he laughs it off as being fine art). He was quite insightful and endearing to listen to.  If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, I would 100% recommend going!

That's all for today. Happy, happy Friday! And happy weekend.  Back to New Jersey/New York with my little family this weekend.