Milford Sound in New Zealand

I cannot believe it's finally Friday and that my last day of work was yesterday.  It does not feel real - still floating in my la la land!

I've decided to start doing a new thing for

Fabulous Photo Friday.

There are always certain images that stand out to me each week, but I guess they do to everyone else too since they then appear on a lot of the blogs I follow and all over Pinterest.  Since this is the case, I decided to start

Diptych Love

because well, any picture looks different next to another picture. Sometime I'll mess with the images (cut them in half, rotate, color) and sometimes I'll just place two next to one another. 

Here's the one from this week.  Happy Diptych Love!



I was very inspired by some of the

Photographer of the Week's

images, so I'm quite pleased to introduce...

Lilya Corneli

I particularly love the ones that defy gravity.  Such beautiful colors and such beautiful images. 

Love. Love. Love.

In light of such a frilly dilly drifting away sort of week, I continued the theme with my own pictures. 

Lightly colored, light hearted, and some beautiful turquoise. 

Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy the weekend!