Milford Sound in New Zealand

And so it is...another Wednesday, another Happy Humpday, another week to get through.  I've been feeling particularly lost in a fairytale dream world lusting at beautiful pastels and daydreaming about running my own successful business (hey, a girl can dream!)..

The countdown is officially two days left of work and one day until my birthday.  Hoping good things come my way (no not in the form of presents silly people!). 

To kick off the rest of this week's dreamful and romantic posts, here are some lovely words of wisdom. 

(The pastels are even popping up here)

..the little things..

I stumbled upon

Erin Petson's

 beautiful illustrations this week. I love, love, love them. 

Seriously, do you see the one where the woman is holding an adorable mini elephant.

How cute?!

And yet again, I've fallen hard for another artist.  Oh Erin, it's just a crush :)

In attempt to put a grasp on such a dreamy week, I had to create a new


treasury list. 

Oh pastels, keep me inspired..

..Light Hearted, Lightly Colored..

It seems when we want weeks to speed up, they go as slow as they possibly can.  

That's okay, though, I'll just keep dreaming..

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Only a few days to go before the weekend.

Yes, please!