Milford Sound in New Zealand

Surprise, surprise -- I am tired, BUT I am super excited about this week's motivation.  If this doesn't get you through this week (or at least today), I don't know what will!

Some lovely words of wisdom, as always:

..look again..

I'm particularly loving that second quote.  

A few weeks ago artist Yago Hortal was part of my

What A Touch (of Color)

inspiration board for some motivation.  Guess what? The paintings are back because I find them that amazing! Seriously...the color, the playfulness, how can they not brighten up your mood and therefore your week? Especially with this dark, rainy weather we've been having here in Charlottesville. 

I found this quote about the work that I thought was quite charming: 

Yago Hortal

Posted by 

Bryony Quinn

01 June 2011

Almost as much fun to look at, as I’m assuming they were to paint, is the work of Yago Hortal. A Berlin resident, painter of happy carnage and other contrary compliments, there is something wonderfully absorbing about the intense application and disarmingly deep effect of the paint itself.

Hortal inspired my next painting (coming soon).  Well, Hortal and the Baltimore Aquarium.  Hope you enjoy looking at the work as much as I do!

The inspiration board for this week is based on a conversation I've had with my man about totally doing an underwater portrait session after our wedding.  I feel like I have to since I basically live in the ocean (or used to live in the ocean).  I of course would still want to be the photographer, which might get a little bit tricky, but who knows.  Anyone ever play around with a tripod underwater? Anyway, the point is I've all the sudden seen all these underwater wedding dress photo shoots popping up on blogs and Pinterest, so I decided to look some up.  Who knew that trashing the dress photo shoots were so popular? And especially underwater! Here I am thinking I was unique! Either way, I still totally love the idea (especially since I did a trash the dress prom series in college), and think they are romantic and inspiring, so here are some of my favorites:











Hope you all want to jump in the water with a dress on now! 

Happy Hump Day! The weekend is almost here.  Anyone else have there first holiday parties this weekend? It's officially almost Christmas.  My count down is about 1 more gift to go and 3 more gifts to finish (handmade for the holidays - for some)!