Milford Sound in New Zealand

So many fun things to share this Monday.  I of course did not get nearly as much done as I was hoping this weekend, but it was so nice to have a few days to catch up and work out - I definitely needed it.  

The aquarium in Baltimore was absolutely fabulous.  It was definitely one of the better ones I have been to.  We had such a great time there, so I have plenty of pictures to share with you all.  For starters, the layout of the aquarium and the way it was decorated was fabulous - definitely the best I've seen! Check some of it out...

The creatures were also fabulous (of course), so here are some of my favorite pictures from the day (I take a ridiculous amount of pictures once I step foot into an aquarium).

I realized on Thanksgiving that I tend to think every animal/creature I see looks like Tessa (my beloved Puggle) and my family kept making fun of me as we were watching an ocean special and in each fish I couldn't help but see Tess.  I swear, though, that I found a turtle at the aquarium that looks just like Tessa.  My man even thought so too! What do you think?! Don't laugh :)

Come on. You see it, don't you!?

Last, but certainly not least, the aquarium was amazing because I was with my amazing boyfriend.  

Can you see us?

How about now?

And I had to take a picture of us with this quote because he is always nudging me not to dive with the sharks.  But look..sharks are nice! DUH...

That's it from the aquarium, but a quick water color to share with you all.  I need to stop pretending I'm a mermaid. 

"And in my dreams, the ocean lets me breathe"

And finally on this Mad Monday, a new treasury list for you to sneak a peak at on



At Least I Can See

That's all everyone.  Happy Monday.  Everyone else in the holiday spirit? I hope so :)