Milford Sound in New Zealand

I so need motivation today -- this cold weather seems to have given me a cold, but I know I'm motivated by what I have to share with you today.  Ready for who the hump day hero is this week...birds! Yep, that's right, I said birds.  Let's get right into the inspiration board before I explain any further. 














So why all about birds...I stumbled upon this video last week and was completely blown away by it.  Take a look for yourself. 

Amazing, right? Beautiful video brought to you by 

Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith

I first came across learning about a murmuration of starlings from photographer Richard Barnes, who I had the chance to here speak at my school last year.  I immediately fell in love with his work, and when I saw this video, I got the same sense of awe.  Since we're all about birds today, I figured I'd show two of his series that I love.  The first is called


 and is what I was originally talking about -- Barnes photographed the murmurations of starlings and came up with these fantastic images.  Doesn't the one look like a kidney? The second set of images are birds nests that are made from all kinds of garbage -- floss, tinsel, hair, etc.  Beautiful, right?

Richard Barnes

Barnes also has a book out that I would highly recommend.  You can get it on


, of course :) 

I hope everyone is inspired by the birds of today! Wouldn't you just love to witness a murmuration of starlings? I know I would. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It's almost the weekend!