Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy Friday! Finally :)

It is bitter cold here in Charlottesville and although I am not loving it, I guess it is appropriate for December weather.  I just still can't believe it's December.  Definitely not looking forward to how cold I will be this weekend with the dresses I have to wear, but hooray for holiday parties! Hmm, if only I could knit a cute little sparkly cardigan by tonight...

Everyone ready for the photographer of the week? I've seen some of her photographs floating around blogs and Pinterest recently, but I noticed it's been the same images of hers, so I thought she'd be a perfect pick this week:

Lissy Laricchia

You might know these images:

They seem to get the most attention, but when I initially stumbled upon Laricchia, I was shocked at how diverse and equally amazing all her images are.  She is totally talented and I admit I have a bit of a crush.  Here are some of my favorites:

I am completely obsessing over her images, but in a good way. I promise :)

I have two very fun, non-serious things to share with you all today, which are of course photo related.  The first is a quick series I did at the hotel we stayed in last weekend in Baltimore.  I've always wanted to do some sort of photo series (particularly film) with hotels and motels. There is something so transient, intriguing, and banal about the spaces and the emotions that they evoke.  I particularly would LOVE to do a series of all the run down, still operating, small scale motels down here, but I would be terrified to get murdered at one of them.  Seriously - they are that bad.  Anyway, I've expressed over and over again here how much I love playing with my gummies (still haven't had that craving diminish yet - that is photographing them, not eating them), so I decided to mix the two up.  Hope you enjoy!

And finally, a stop motion animation -- one that is holiday related.  I love this time of the year :)

 Don't you?

Hope you like it!

(Do you recognize the song? It's from

Little Miss Sunshine

. Love the song and love, love the movie)

That's everything I have for you guys! Hope everyone has a great Friday and great weekend.  I have lots to do, but all good and fun things.  I'm not sure addressing all the Christmas cards will be fun, but our cards certainly are!