Milford Sound in New Zealand

It's an extremely early post (about the first minute into Wednesday), but as you can tell by how late I am up, I am very excited Wednesday is finally here because that means the long weekend is here! Who else is excited?! I am, other than the fact I'll already be getting up in two hours to start the drive back to New Jersey - now that's no fun. 

Happy, happy, oh happy Wednesday.  I bring to you...a few words of wisdom:

Be An


Build Some


I particularly love these two this week, don't you?

For some mid week inspiration that is an attempt to hopefully wake me up (bright colors tend to do that to me, so hopefully you too), I bring to you "What A Touch (Of Color)"













Hmm...still tired, but loving all the color!

You know how they say your taste buds change every 7 years? I'm starting to wonder if the same goes for your taste in art.  The artist I stumbled upon this week and want to share with you all is someone whose work I seriously don't think I would normally look twice at.  It has nothing to do with the quality of the work.  It's just not the normal style(s) of artwork I admire.  I'm not exactly sure what made me drawn to it - perhaps it is just the subject matter (duh - anything with an elephant!).  Anyone have a similar experience or possible explanation? 

Anyway, here's artist Daniel Merriam and my selects for his images that inspired me quite a bit this week!

His imagination seems outrageously amazing, don't you think? I want to spend some time there!

Happy hump day everyone and hope you don't need too much inspiration getting through this shorter week. So happy it's here.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!