Milford Sound in New Zealand

I am in need of MAJOR motivation this week - I have been working like crazy and now my man is away and I miss him. Boo hoo.  But I am totally looking forward to the holidays and then a little getaway to Baltimore with him, so only...hmm let's see...6 more days of crazy work to get through.  

First to share, which could not be more appropriate for me right now (even though I always feel like this)...

Words of Wisdom:

So true, so lovely..

My sister sent me a link to a Society6 wallpaper recently, which I loved, so I decided to put together some of my favorites from the artist - Alienman.  Aren't they adorable? We all know there is nothing better than cute animal illustrations to get us through the week.  I particularly LOVE the polar bear!


Since we've decorated for Christmas, and the decorations (particularly the color palette) of this apartment in general, I've been thinking how important decorating is on your happiness. I know for me, bright colors make all the difference (my old room at home is banana yellow - it literally hurt your eyes when the sun hit it).  Now that is not so easy when you have a man around to just go around painting every wall a different bright color, and definitely not as easy when you are renting the place, so the fact that the walls here were already a beautiful shade of yellow has been wonderful.  I've found, though, with limited painting ability for whatever reason, fabrics, frames, and pillows can make all the difference! So for this week, I bring to you "Decorating Bliss."  













I really don't think I could ever be sad in any of these spaces.  I like bright, organized clutter, can you tell? Ahh, heaven.  I cannot wait to decorate my first house - so ready for that. 

I am really excited for so many things coming up in the near future, including my interview session and guest post on

Crafted Love

, giving Christmas gifts (my favorite), getting ready for my solo show at Firefish Gallery and my other show at Ramapo College, and just excited for something new to come about after the holidays in terms of work.  

Hope these hump day heroes have helped! It's almost Friday! Happy Hump Day!