Milford Sound in New Zealand

Another Wednesday and I am TIRED.  Anyone else? This humpday hero banner is just staring me down...bear with me for this post.  If all goes well, though, by the end of it I will be motivated and you will be too! Hmm...let's see how that goes. 

First, some words of wisdom (or maybe just words I like):


I am really missing swimming already (even though it's not even winter), so I thought a nice pick me up this week would be some fabulous indoor pools.  Wouldn't you love to go swimming right about now? I know I would.  I was hoping the hotel we were going to in Baltimore had an indoor pool, but it's outdoor.  Boo hoo.  At least we are going to the aquarium! So excited for that. 

Featuring some Fabulous Indoor Pools:

Ahh, I am so ready to relax for a few days - just need to get through this Wednesday. 

The last thing I bring you which I am totally excited about is artist

Barbara Bargiggia

.  Her work is ridiculously cute and I have fallen in love with it.  Something about tea kettles is so endearing, don't you think?! Hope you enjoy :)

Hope everyone gets through this Wednesday feeling inspired - it's almost the weekend! 

Happy Hump Day!