Milford Sound in New Zealand

And so it is...another Wednesday and man, I am tired.  You? It's going to be a crazy next few weeks, but I can't wait.  This time of the year is so amazing (as long as it doesn't get too cold) and before we know it, it will be Christmas.  To keep you moving this week and get you to the weekend, I have lots of good things today (not to mention I declared a happy hour tomorrow night with my man). 

So first, some lovely words brought to you via


 (yes I am still addicted although I do not have as much time to pin away my life as I did this summer - that was lovely) 

Anyone know if this last one is true? I absolutely love it if it is.  I think it is totally cool 1) because it is totally cool and 2) because I never heard it before.  You would think if it was true that some more people would know about it, right? So if it's not true and someone knows, let me know! And if that is the case, I am so mad at you whoever declared this fact!

I know we are all feeling sluggish mid week, but I think I have something to make you melt, which is of course a great pick me up! (Ps anyone see Ellen yesterday, I melted - love those

little girls

).  I bring to you Absolutely Amazing Adorable Encounters.  How can you not gasp at adorableness and feel motivated for the rest of the week? Then it's already the weekend where you can venture off to find your own adorable encounters.  Ahhh, I wish.  Enjoy...














 (14) & (15) Yoshitomo Nara


Last, but certainly not least, I bring you my very own humpday hero:

Eric Zener

Eric Zener is an American (wahoo) photo realist artist who is best know for painting lone figures in or around swimming pools. He is a self-taught artist (awesome) and mostly works in oils.  These water paintings above, which I of course love, stemmed in 2003 while living in Spain and watching people interact with water.  With some of these paintings (the later, more experimental paintings), Zener paints over photographic transparencies that have been mounted on a wooden box and covered in silver leaf before being covered in resin.  Aren’t they fascinating? I seriously can feel that amazing moment of jumping in water in every single one of them. I love the fact that they can exude that feeling/memory/freedom in me.

I absolutely love Zener’s quote that opens his website about his work:

“My work reflects our collective desire for transformation into something ideal.  In my exploration I seek to create a sense of sanctuary, often using the figure in water, sleep, journeys and nature as a metaphor for renewal and reprise.  I believe that even in its ephemeral state, these places lift us, freeing us from the weight of our world.”

I completely am infatuated with each word here and can totally relate it to my own life and my own work, especially my more recent work.  Particularly dealing with water and nature, I am enthralled by the ‘freeing’ that does come being immersed in the water, both physically and mentally.  I am so happy I stumbled upon his work this week – it’s a total pick me up to get me excited to keep painting and even puts some ideas in my head in terms of my photography.  Hope you enjoy his work as much as me!

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone! I am very sad to announce our beloved snail has passed away in our fish tank.  Poor, poor Gonzo.  Check out

The Fishtank Diaries

to help me figure out why he died when he was doing sooo well.