Milford Sound in New Zealand

Happy first Fabulous Photo Friday!

I am super excited to share the photographer of the week.  My sister introduced his work to me years and years ago and it took me forever to find him again, but I remember being so blown away by his project the first time around.  

Ashes and Snow


Gregory Colbert

 is a fantastic photography series capturing extraordinary moments between animals and humans.  The pictures speak for themselves, so I'll let them do all the talking.  Here are some of my favorites form the series:

copyright Gregory Colbert

I am really excited to be able to have Fridays (hopefully) to experiment with photography and start all kinds of new projects (I might just have to change my day to clean the apartment).  Today's is a bit short lived as I am overdue in things that HAVE to get done (unfortunately).  My little experiment today came about after a brutally cold walk with a puppy that would not go to the bathroom (I thought the South was supposed to have warm autumns?!).

Happy Friday and happy, happy weekend! I have lots of things to keep me busy this weekend, including lots of fun pictures with the man of my dreams (oh baby) and some octopus paintings! What a combination. Love the weekend :)

Mmm. and some homemade banana bread I think.