Weekend Over Already?

I cannot believe the weekend is over already.  My list of tasks to accomplish has only a few crossed off - who knew working during the week would take up so much time?! Kidding (I hope). 

I have a new photographer in my index of photographers to share.  She is a German artist named Karen Knorr and her work is complex and beautiful.  Here are some samples:

Karen Knorr

There is tons of information out there on her work and it is really quite interesting when you read more in depth about it, so I'll leave that sweetness to you :)

One project that is finally finished in the apartment is our bedroom wall collage above the bed.  It's looking fantastic and we're very happy we went through with buying the frames and doing it.  Our initial inspiration was something I found on pinterest - we just wanted to make it more us. 

This was our inspiration found 


And here is our version.  Instead of dictionary pages, we used our own sheet music (which I vintaged up in photoshop) and then I did some simple drawings of some things that mean a lot to us (yes, of course Tessa is in there). 

Top Row: 4x5 Camera, Hot Air Balloon, Orchid

Middle Row: Whale Tail, Guitar, Brain

Bottom Row: Tessa, Bookshelf, Bistro Set

(note to viewers - looks better in person, promise)

Another thing that finally got done in the apartment, now that Tessa's cage is in our bedroom, was making the cage blend in a bit better.  I know, I know, it's ridiculous, but come on, how cute?

She even has her cute little clothes hanging above the cage where my necklaces used to be:

And my necklaces have finally been organized and hung:

The fall decorations have started - oh yes, happy fall! I am so super excited to spend fall in Charlottesville..

Tessa has been trying to get used to the idea of me working all day now, so when I had off Friday, she was very, very, very happy to be in bed most of the morning  I had to take pictures.  She is too adorable.

We had the vegetarian festival going on this weekend downtown so we brought Tessa along and we finally got her some bandanas since the money got donated to charities.  Even though Tessa is a girly girl dog, we had to get this one in honor of my father.  What do you think Dad? Want a mascot walking around the Hardware Store?

P.S. Isn't my new camera lovely? I still haven't had too much time to play yet :(

Other news - the fish tank is finished! We have a tank that is running lovely with a total of 10 fish and it's been fantastic.  We now have (6) neon tetras: Flaming, Wok, Poopy, Caca, Gertrude, and Madea, (1) Dalmatian Mollie: Sugar, (1) Dwarf Gourami: Pepperinchino (sp?), and (2) cleaner catfish (don't know their real name): Sassafras and Flobe (sp?)

And yes, Tessa is very, very jealous of them all. 

We still are keeping up with a lovely message board of reasons why we love each other every day 


And the lilies the man got me are still going strong - so beautiful!

And that is about all I have time for today.  Hopefully time to clean before it's time to head to work.  Within the next few weeks I promise some more organization, uniformed posts, stop motion animations (again), and fantastic pictures from my new camera. 

Happy Monday and happy week!