Tuesday's Motivation

With an unexpected day off of work, I bring to you all kinds of wonderful.  

#1 wonderful thing - I am getting a new camera.  I've waited patiently, researched majorly, and am totally excited in anticipation of my new best friend.  Hooray :) Be prepared for lots and lots of new pictures. 

#2 wonderful thing - a new blog I've come across.  Though I am a vegetarian and not a vegan, there are a ton of good recipes on here and they are super cute.  Check it out non-meat lovers:


Next on major awesomeness is that I was able to catch up on all my art magazines and found lots of good stuff, especially good photography.  I rediscovered my love for Laura Letinksy, which led to other fantastic tabletop photography artists, but first, let's focus on the Lauras :)

Laura Letinksy

Aren't her images just beautiful? If you don't think so, take some time to really pay attention to them.  Initially, I found her work completely ridiculous - one of those things that you question how it is art.  But there really is something so magical about her images.  The hints of color, the effortless way she seems to place things within the frame, the lighting and the nonchalantness of work is what makes it amazing.  As bizarre as the connection may be, it was actually after Laura Letinksy that I did my mannequin/deer antler series - that monochromatic color hinted with hues really gets me. It was completely my aim to get that feeling in my series since I so often work with vibrant and excessive colors.  Like Letinksy, all of mine are shot in film - both medium format and large format:

Laura Edria Tanis

Moving on with tabletop photography, I found a current exhibition at the MAD Museum featuring some fantastic artists and the show is called Otherworldly: Optical Delusions and Small Realities

Though the title says a lot, let me first show some images, then I'll do the explaining.  I'm sure you can all guess what is going on, but some of these really blow my mind.  I love them.  

(Think of Elly Mackay who I wrote about months ago - yes I still am really into this type of work)

Let's start with Kim Keever:

Kim Keever

Peter Feigenbaum

Matthew Albenese

Lori Nix

Okay and now a behind the scenes from one of Kim Keever's shoots:

Kim Keever

So basically this exhibition focuses on the interest among artists from all over the world who construct miniature depictions of artificial environments, or alternative realities.  Usually, the construction takes months and months, yet the final product is only the photograph - none of the preparation matters. I really must try this at some point - and really try, not throw together a scene in an hour.  Who's with me?

Next artist I want to share with you is Matthew Ronay, completely unrelated to the above.  He is an installation artist and I came across this one image that really captivated me and made me want to learn more about him and his work.  There is something really freaky, fantastic, and beautiful about these spaces (and ultimately photographs) he creates.  Check them out.  (The first is the one that drew me in).

Matthew Ronay

Okay everyone, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday!