Happy September

I think this may be the first time I am ever saying this, BUT....I am excited for the fall! And I am especially excited to be able to have a warmer fall and milder winter here in Charlottesville. 

Yes, I love summer and am sad that it is over, but I am very ready for the fall (especially now that I got one half beach day in at the Jersey Shore).

We just got back from a trip back to Jersey and it is nice being back home in the apartment.  Although it's always nice to visit home and seeing everyone, it's always crazy busy.  It's so refreshing how much this place feels like home.  A few more projects to finish up this weekend in the apartment before it is fully finished. Being exhausted and heading to work in a bit, here's quick glimpse of how I want my weekend to go (besides the work). 

1. Relaxation (preferably in a tutu)

2. Reading

3. Drawing

4. Napping

5. Snuggling with something that has a tail (hmm...guess that must be Tessa)

6. Working on my balance

7. Doodling some colorful animals

7. Some happiness

That's all I have for you people.  Happy September, Happy Belated Labor Day, and Happy Almost Fall!

P.S.  Working on saving up for a new camera.  I feel helpless without one, hence no new pictures recently. 

Boo hoo.  Oh well, I can't complain :) But when the camera does come, I'll be posting some new fun things from around the apartment.