The Work Continues

Hello all - currently working from my pretend apartment.  How lovely.  Well, lots of new stuff to show off today, but to start (in celebration of shark week), I present to you this adorableness brought to you by Etsy. 

Tweed and Tweed

And to continue with the adorableness, I bring you Tessa (what else did you expect?).

p.s. check out the garden growing!

Okay, so first exciting news is that prints are now available for the three previous paintings I've done with the Yes, I Swim series.  You know what that means...much cheaper rate :)  They are matte prints from the original painting measuring 8 x 10 inches.  They also come with a hand painted 11 x 14 matte.  Check them out.  

If you think I'm cute as a button, buy me 



If you can't resist me, look at me closer 



Think I need a home? Adopt me 



(The fees are minimal)

And continuing on in the series, here's the next painting: Yes, I Swim (Polar Bear).  A set of two smaller, circular paintings featuring the adorable and playful polar bear in the water.  

Don't I have a cute tush? Need to see it closer? 

Click here

Okay last bit for today before I start cooking some dinner - some fun last night with the instant camera.  All you need is a dog, the best boyfriend ever, a camera, and you're in for a night full of cheek hurting fun (anyone else's cheeks constantly hurt from laughing so much?)

Yes, we are all running in every single one of these pictures.  Can you tell which one is my favorite.  Ha - my pup next to her mug shut.