Happy Thursday (if Hurricane stays far, far away)

Well we had the first bit of the hurricane this afternoon - an intense, short lived storm with no damage! Whoop, whoop, that's a first.  Let's hope it continues that way.  I would REALLY love for this storm to pass without a tree crushing my car.  Wouldn't you?

Working is still glorious as ever (although less time to dedicate to lovely artsy fartsy things), BUT I AM DETERMINED to keep up this blog, weekly projects, etc., etc. 

Because I am still on edge from this earthquake (we had an aftershock last night that I slept through but that my boyfriend most definitely felt), I share with you this amazing article sent to me by my boyfriend this morning.  Animals are totally amazing and it really is incredible to see what species of animals did what in preparation for the earthquake/ to recover from the earthquake.  This is a short article - you must check it out.  Promise you won't be disappointed!

National Zoo & Earthquake

I don't have many things to share from the past two days (although a stop motion animation really is coming tomorrow - promise!), but to start, some lovely words from pinterest :) My favorite.  Yes, even with work, it's still my crack.  Just a bit less time spent there (which is probably good for me).

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And last (until tomorrow) some must haves of this week.  Not really must haves, but definite must dreams. I want, I want, I want, but full time job comes first because I cannot have, have, have.  


easy way to save energery - stop charing electronics when fully charged! 



. adorableness = book cover for laptop.  i want. i need.



. from West Elm. Pig one must be mine.



Lens coffee mug. Love. 



charming camera ring. oh lovely.


Okay, Happy Thursday! We'll stay positive the storm already passed. **Crap** alfkjalkfjalskfjalf JUST HEARD THUNDER