Already Thursday?

I still cannot get over how fast the weeks go by.  I need a job already! I do have something going on tomorrow (fingers crossed), so I'll be sure to let you all know. 

Anyway - amateur photographers out there, pay attention, this is for you.  I have been searching constantly for ways to submit work in juried competitions that don't cost a fortune (well, actually, that are completely free).  I have submitted to ones that I really like/respect even though they cost money, but without a job, this is my new thing.   I've been working for the past few weeks (hence the website makeover) towards these two wonderful opportunities.  The deadlines are quickly approaching, so I suppose I should have said something sooner, but sorry - I'm new at this!

The first one is the Conscientious Portfolio Competition 2011.  It is for emerging photographers who want their work to be seen (must have a website) and it is absolutely free.  You must submit a cohesive body of work (all in one gallery via a website) and a cv/bio/artist statement must be included in your website.  For full details, check it out 


.  It really is a great opportunity.  I just submitted by Manta


 Movements to it today.  Oh - deadline for this one is Sunday I believe (eek! sorry)

The next one is the Magnum Expression Award.  Another free (wahoo) way to enter work (strictly documentary work) to a juried panel along with an artist statement and bio.  It seems there are no restrictions within the documentary field (my work I submitted focused on conservation).  Although somewhat restricted and frustrating to enter, another great opportunity with amazing prizes.  For all the facts, click 


.  I believe the final call for entries is August 31st.  Hope you guys give these a look!

Okay next on my things to share....since it is that time of the summer where it's starting to feel like the end of summer, the depression of no beach is starting to set in, it's hard to get motivated, this is a reminder that THERE ARE STILL PLENTY OF DAYS OF SUMMER LEFT.  So get outside.  Go to the beach.  Swim.  Feel the sun on your skin.  Dance on the deck.  Wear awesomely shaped heart sunglasses.  All images via Pinterest of course. What else keeps up with my daily inspirations? 


 Top Left  


 Bottom Left 




 Top Right 


 Bottom Right

Did I mention I cannot believe it's already Thursday? Happy almost Friday.  The sunflower is still not bloomed and quickly growing out of my frame.  What to do, oh what to do for a stop motion animation.  

Now go play outside!